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Hey Girl Hey! After taking a pause during the global pandemic, we are super excited to bring you the Resistance and Resilience Tour to Cartagena, Colombia. Did you know that outside of the continent of Africa, Colombia boasts one of the largest population of people of African descent? If you didn’t know, now you do. I am excited for you to learn this and much more of the customs, cultures, and traditions of Afro-Colombians as a part of this African centered cultural learning experience.

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Resistance and Resilienc

Sankofa Tour 2020



Walking the path that our ancestors walked, Destination Liberation's took our inaugural trip to our ancestral home, Accra Ghana, West Africa in October 2019.


2019 was the “Year of the Return” in Ghana, West Africa. This cultural anniversary commemorated the first enslaved African arriving in Jamestown Virginia in 1619. Our history as African Americans is intrinsically linked to Ghana and Destination Liberation believes this trip served as the perfect place for our first immersive cultural experience. Participants took part in cross cultural dialogue with other youth, service-learning projects, and educational tours of relevant cultural landmarks.


Ghana has a history that can’t be confined to a textbook. This experience allowed participants to learn more about themselves through that history while simultaneously reinforcing important life skills that can’t be learned in a traditional classroom. Check out our gallery to view photos from the trip. 

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