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Day 3: Take Me to the King!

So far this trip has been NOTHING short of amazing! In just 3 days I’ve learned a lot about my culture, and the epitome of strength and perseverance!

On day 3 we visited the Asante (Ashanti) Kingdom in Kumasi and went to the Manhyia Palace Museum! The Manhyia Palace is the hub of the Ashanti, the kingdom of gold. It’s where their King conducts business. There it was said that the Ashanti Kingdom in Ghana is one of Africa’s oldest and most powerful kingdoms with rich history and culture that has survived centuries of wars and colonialism.

The Ashanti monarchy is a sacred institution. The Ashanti Kingdom has a revered Golden Stool which is considered a symbol of unity because it is believed to contain the soul of the Ashanti people. It is so sacred that no person whatsoever is allowed to sit on it. It only comes out during festivals and rituals when the ruler sits in public and displays the Ashanti culture at its best. What I found interesting is the believed power of stool. The Ashanti believe the stool symbolizes authority and without it the king can not rule their land. The British once demanded that the Ashanti give them the stool but the Ashanti tricked them and gave them a replica.

Another thing I found really interesting about the Ashanti Kingdom is that the King is determined through the mother's lineage and not the fathers. Also, the Queen Mother cannot be the wife of the king but must be a relative such as his mother, aunt, or older sister. They do this because they don't believe the wife can rebuke her husband. Yes, this surprised me too.

By the way, did you know that Ashanti is really Asanté but the British claimed they couldn't pronounce it thus "Ashanti" was born.

Charilyn McConnico

17 years old

Wilcox County, Alabama

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