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Day 6: Making Ghana Green

It is International Day of the Girl and today we joined with other girls at Bishop School for Girls to learn about “Making Ghana Green." This seem to be a problem throughout the entire African continent. Even in the United States we have environmental problems too. Ghana is affected by different diseases that could be avoided if the environment were kept clean. Although the ocean is beautiful along the coast, it is littered with a lot of trash. The landfill is over capacity in Accra so they must find other ways to reduce waste, reuse material or recycle.

We had a chance to team with the other girls to make different waste items we were given. We came up with our group name that was “Creative 2019”. We worked together as a team even though we didn’t know each other personally. Although we had just met, the project was well put together with great team work. As I close, I would like to thank you for this wonderful opportunity to visit Ghana. This was one of my dream places to visit. I am beyond blessed to have this opportunity because you made it happen sooner than I thought it would. Best of all I got to celebrate my 18th birthday in Ghana!!

Zarriel Thompson

18 years old

Wilcox County, Alabama

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