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Day 1: Welcome to Accra

Today, we landed in Ghana. After 10+ hours on a plane, I think everyone was pretty excited. My first thought or impression of Ghana was just how different it looked from America. Usually stepping out of an airport back at home, everyone would be running catching cabs, looking at their phones, and just plain old not conversing. But in Ghana it is the complete opposite, everyone is so present and very social. Also the smells and air was very different. I could tell right away, because my nose started hurting after 4 minutes outside. The air at home is just something I’m accustomed to, but Ghana’s air hung over me like cloud or bird. But just like with all things that change, I begun to get used to it.

Another thing I noticed in the first 20 minutes, was that everyone here is very friendly. I’m not saying that people aren’t nice in America, but lets face it Americans are mean. In Ghana everyone always welcomes you with a smile and even words of encouragement. The food here is absolutely amazing. I’ve eaten more in the past day than I have in like 2 weeks. Back in America I eat the same things, either pizza, tacos, shrimp and you know everyday American food. But here in Ghana all the food is different, I’ve had plantains, steamed rice, and even fish with the tail still on. In Ghana they eat waffles and ice cream for dessert, and it was delicious.

Me and Mommy

Today, we also stopped at a fabric store. Just walking in I could already tell I was in for a surprise. All the different colored fabrics and beads were beautiful. Most of the girls went to buy fabrics to get themselves a dress made, but I went to find a shirt. It only took me about 3 minutes and before I knew it I fell in love with a shirt. It was yellow, brown, and tan, with an off the shoulder look. The funny thing is in America I would have brought that shirt for 30 maybe even 40 dollars, but in Ghana I got the shirt for 15 dollars. I guess that’s another thing I found different were the prices of everything in Ghana. Things in America that would have costed me 25 dollars only cost me 10 or maybe 15 dollars. You can get your hair done in Ghana for 8 to 10 dollars, where in America that would cost you about 60 to 65 dollars.

Overall, my first day in Ghana was fun and interesting. I learned so many new things about the culture and the people. I can’t wait for the next 7 days here, and all the fun things I get to do.

Karizma Harris

14 years old

Chicago, Illinois

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